Mobile Strategy


With over 1.75 billion smart phone users in the world, we no longer need to convince our clients that mobile plays fundamental role in every company's strategy. Today the challenge is to understand how a company or brand can gain leverage with mobile and use the technology for their business.

Regardless if you are looking to utilise the mobile channel for brand building, sales, communication or media, Ingravity Media will guide you in the right direction in finding the optimal mobile strategy to be integrated with your overall company strategy.

Let Ingravity Media be your strategic partner and help you make the most out of mobile!

  • Who is your target group using mobile?
  • How can mobile be used for your business?
  • What is the competition doing on mobile?
  • How can social media be integrated with your business?
  • How do we succeed with the launch of your mobile solution?

Concepts & Creativity


We help you find the right ingredients for your mobile solution. Through creative processes we collaborate with our clients to find compelling concepts and solutions.

We study the market and competitors to adapt what is already available and invent what does not exist. Features are suggested, evaluated, agreed and the road map is defined.

Technology should not be a limitation, however we believe it is important to evaluate the technology choices and feasibility in order to provide a personal and powerful concept.

  • Define what needs your mobile solution will solve?
  • Research & Development
  • Invent new features or borrow from others
  • Gamification
  • Prioritize features and define MVP
  • Choice of technology
  • Budget and time estimations
  • Set future road map

UX/UI Design


Smart phone users spend more time on their phone than they do watching TV. To make sure your app or website is their preference it is imperative that the user experience and user interface design are thoroughly defined and analysed.

We design attractive, intuitive and engaging user experiences and interfaces for both innovative start-ups and large corporations and no detail is to small to be over looked.

We always apply a user centric approach where test groups and A/B testing of our design is used to make sure we are not heading the wrong direction.

  • Carefully analyse desired User Experience
  • Define look & feel
  • Attractive, intuitive and engaging
  • User centric approach
  • A/B Testing

App Development


We build bespoke native Apps for any mobile device and operative system, including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Migo etc.

Our Apps are seamlessly integrated with both device hardware and external APIs.

With a long experience of SDKs and 3rd party libraries we make sure the development is efficiently optimised by applying scrum project methodology.

Our engineers are generally focused on one platform in order to provide the highest expertise to our clients.

  • Native Apps on all mayor platforms and operating systems
  • Seamlessly integrated with device hardware and external APIs.
  • Wide and long experience of 3rd party libraries and SDKs.
  • Scrum methodology
  • Engineers focused on specific platforms/OS

Web Development


We have designed and built  both desktop and mobile optimised web sites since 2007 and we were early adapters on responsive web design.

Our web development team have an extensive experience in both bespoke web development using HTML5/xHTML, CSS and PHP and utilising frame works, such as Wordpress, Drupal and Joomla. The selected technology depends on our client's needs and requirements.

We are experts in e-commerce solutions and building intuitive CMS and back-office interfaces.


Back-end services & APIs


The real intelligence of most IT solutions lies within the back-end architecture. We build robust and mobile optimized server solutions and APIs.

We build middlewares to integrate with 3rd party solutions and data bases incorporating the latest mobile optimized technologies.

Messaging services, payment solutions and high security authentication solutions are just a few of our expertise areas and we have a wide knowledge of back-end technologies, such as JAVA, PHP and Ruby On Rails.


Quality Assurance, QA


The essence of Quality Assurance is to make sure that what we deliver looks, feels and works like it is intended. We live and breathe QA everyday and the QA process is well integrated in our projects, from concept to final product.

Each feature passes through both automated testing and manual testing on real devices, side by side with the developers. Furthermore, the look and feel of the app or web site is reviewed to make sure the UI is implemented correctly.

Our back-end solutions are load tested and response times are optimised.

Bug reports can be issued by the client at their convenience through our bug reporting system


Operations & Maintenance


Our involvement with our clients does not end with the project delivery. We are committed to our clients and always offer 2 months of warranty free of charge. Any bugs or malfunctions related to our work will be dealt with and fixed swiftly.

We also offer more extensive maintenance support for the latest devices, OS version and requested feature updates. Furthermore, Service Level Agreements up to 24/7 are offered depending on our client's needs.

Hosting can be set up on either our client's own server environment or on an external hosting provider best suited for your requirements.

  • 2 months warranty free of charge
  • Maintenance for the latest devices and OS versions
  • 24/7 SLA for critical services
  • Top secure hosting

Distribution & Analytics


There are currently over 3 million Apps live on the mobile App market places and uncountable web sites for each type of business or service. This means that it is no longer just sufficient to build attractive apps or web sites, you have to make sure you get noticed as well. Equally important to be successful in a rapidly changing market is to know what your users like and don't like in order to provide them with the optimum service.

At Ingravity Media we are experts in Search Engine Optimisation (SEM), Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and App Store Optimisation (ASO). With this knowledge we make sure your brand, product or service gets the best search results and presence.

We have a long experience working with analytic and customer feedback tools and we help our clients to set the appropriate KPIs in order to make sure they emphasize the most important features for the consumer.

Furthermore we design atractive banners and landing pages to be published on the app market places, social media and ad networks.

  • Experts in SEO, SEM and ASO
  • Setting KPIs
  • Implement analytic and feedback tools
  • Banners and landing pages for market places and add nteworks

Smart Appliances


The capabilities of smartphones and tablets are becoming evermore interesting to combine with other appliances, such as entertainment systems, white goods, health equipment, cars and sports equipment.

Ingravity Media are at the forefront for taking advantage of these alternative usages of smart phones and integrating them with other products used in everyday life. Engineering is the very essence of Ingravity Media, both in software and hardware development.

  • We create software which talks to hardware
  • Integrated/smart appliances for entertainment systems, white goods, health equipment, cars and sports equipment etc.
  • Cutting edge software and hardware engineering